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Crypto-currency exchange Crypto-obmen – your reliable partner for crypto-currency transactions. Crypto-currency is dynamically gaining ground on the international financial market, the popularity of bitcoin is just on the rise. So the more people are involved in the crypto-sphere, the more often you need to exchange bitcoin.

The problem of searching a worthy and reliable service where you can exchange bitcoins can be solved within one click.
On our website you can:

  • exchange bitcoin/ETH/USDT for other crypto-currency;
  • syphon off bitcoin/ETH/USDT into fiat money;
  • purchase, trade and exchange bitcoin/ETH/USDT for cash;
  • syphon off BTC/ETH/USDT into credit card of Your Bank.


Wallet Inspection

The convenient service for monitoring crypto-currency transactions and checking address linkage with illegal services.

All the sources are divided into 3 categories:

  • Dangerous (Dark Service, Dark Market, Illegal Service, Stolen, Mixer, Exchange Fraudulent, Scam, Ransom);
  • Suspicious (Exchange Mlrisk Very high, Exchange Mlrisk High, P2P Exchange ML Risk High, ATM, Gambling);
  • Secure (Payment, Wallet, Marketplace, Miner, P2P Exchange ML Risk Low, Exchange Mlrisk Moderate, Exchange Mlrisk Low).

About us

We are interested in the long-term and effective cooperation in any format.
Dealings are held on the office.


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Аrequently-asked questions

Crypto obmen — crypto-currency exchange service allowing to exchange funds quickly and safe.
We provide the best exchange rates on the market with no hidden charges.

The rate is forever changing, so it’s better to check with the popular global broker's boards. You can find out an accurate rate at the time of the transaction with the manager.
The purchase/trading deal of the digital currency takes 3-40 minutes, depending on the network workload.
  • Submit a request (name, Telegram account/telephone number, indicate the city and the amount of the transaction in the comment).
  • Manager will contact You and elaborate details of the transaction.
  • Agree on the time and date of the transaction.
  • Come to the office to complete the transaction.
Transactions are carried out in comfortable offices using modern technology for currency counting.
From 250.000 rubles to 75.000.000 rubles per day (also with foreign currency: dollar or euro, equal to the ruble equivalent).
Mandatory filling of the Digital Currency Exchange Form.
Office hours in all the cities:
Mon-Sun: 10:00 - 19:00
You can find out the office address on request in Telegram from our managers.


Submit a request or contact in any way convenient for you!

  • +62 (821) 472 81 792
  • Our managers in Telegram